Recent Developments and 2011 Goals:
A Note from our President

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October 11 , 2010 -

Dear Friends

This is an exciting time for the Friends of the Resaca Battlefield, Inc. as well as those interested in history, preservation, genealogy, and nature. The Resaca, Georgia battlefield area is a special place to many Americans because of its rich Civil War history, the great men who fought for their beliefs, and the civilian population that suffered both during and after the battle.

Our mission is to make efforts to identify, secure, educate, protect, and preserve the historic War Between the States (1861-1865) resources in and around the community of Resaca, Georgia, and connected areas prior to or after the Battle of Resaca for the purpose of increasing educational awareness and public support of our historical American heritage. We work in liaison with other agencies, organizations, etc. to promote this mission.

Our devoted volunteer Board of Directors and membership cannot accomplish this mission without the financial support of your annual membership and donations and we appreciate each and every dollar sent in these hard times.

Our members have also fought a few battles during our thirteen year history, including forcing the Tennessee Valley Authority to move their proposed power line route away from the battlefield areas. Something unheard of. Thanks to your support!

In 2009, Gordon County established the Resaca Historic Over-Lay Ordinance to protect the Civil War resources around Resaca. The big news is: "The Resaca Battle State Historic Site" will be happening in two phases on the 540 acre site!

Plans are for the site entrance to be built prior to the annual Resaca Battle Reenactment in May of 2011 with site plans to be displayed. Phase 1 will be to complete a one and a half mile road into the park with pull off points, miles of interpretive tails and signage on both the Confederate and Federal lines, and restrooms (tentative opening date 2012).

Phase 2 will include the interpretive museum area (tentative date TBA as funds are available). See our website for more site information. Gordon County will start development on the "Fort Wayne Civil War Historic Site" with interpretive and walking tails and signage around Confederate forts, entrenchments, and over-look vistas of Resaca and the rail bridge over the river at the 67 acre site (tentative opening date of 2012).

Also this year, 488 acres of the historic Chitwood Farm was preserved in an Conservation Easement by Gordon County, American Civil War Preservation Trust, and Trust for Public Land protecting this part of the battlefield from development forever. This is also the annual reenactment site.

2011 goals include getting the Resaca Confederate Cemetery and Fort Wayne on the National Registry of Historic Sites and making long range plans for the 150th Anniversary of the "Great Locomotive Chase" in 2012 and the 150th Anniversary of the "Battle of Resaca" in 2014. We also will be directly involved in financial support for all of the previously listed projects going on, including Phase 2 at the State site.

As you can imagine, our organization has a lot of hard work ahead by raising funds in hard times . Although we continue applying for grants, we find that most require some type of matching funds. You can play an important role with these exciting projects by your tax-exempt donations. Your donation will also greatly assist our grass-root preservation efforts keeping the public informed though free lectures, media, web information, etc.

Please remember, we are calling on you to be a partner with us by mailing in your membership dues and donations. Together, we will complete these efforts so that you, your family, and future generations will learn our history and enjoy these places!

Ken Padgett
President Friends of Resaca Battlefield, Inc.

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