$3 million in budget for Resaca Battlefield Park

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May 29, 2008 - The Friends of the Resaca Battlefield, Inc. wish to extend thanks to not only Gov. Sonny Perdue, but our local state politicians, Rep. John Meadows, Rep. Tom Graves, Sen. Don Thomas, and Sen. Preston Smith for working to keep the 3 million dollars for the Resaca Battlefield Park funding in this year's state budget. Counting monies previously allocated in the budget and held in reserve, this brings the total for the Park to $5 million.

The President of the Friends of Resaca Battlefield, Ken Padgett, stated "We are cautiously excited about this announcement. We have been here before and the $3 million was re-directed in last year's budget for other state projects. This year a lot of the delays like right of ways and archaeological surveys have been completed and we hope that construction starts without delay.

"I don't think the citizens of the area fully realize the positive impact these tourism dollars will mean to Gordon County. We will have the Resaca State Battlefield Park, the Gordon County Fort Wayne Historic Civil War Site, and New Echota all within five miles of each other giving Gordon County three major historic sites. Resaca will serve as the gateway to all Civil War sites in Georgia."

Padgett said the next step is to compact 20,000 yards of clay fill dirt for the entrance road into the park. If anyone can assist, please contact David Freedman, Director of Engineering and Construction at 404-656-6531.

Padgett also said that the Friends of Resaca Battlefield would be donating $10,000 this summer to the state battlefield project. "We can also use your financial help to be a partner with us," Padgett stated.

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