Images from the Ed Bearss Tour hosted by Georgia Battlefields with assistance
from the Friends of Resaca - March 20, 2004

Ed Bearss, a renowned Civil War historian, makes a point during his tour of the Resaca battlefield.
Ed Bearss lectures to more than 70 tour participants in front of the 103rd Ohio marker. Bearss offers very detailed and animated discussions on aspects of whatever battlefield he happens to be on at the time. He brought the Federal attack of May 14, 1864 to life for the participants.
Participants of the tour make their way up an embankment in front of the Confederate lines to view some of the superbly preserved entrenchments on the Resaca Battlefield. This is the area occupied by Cheatam's Division.
Participants of the tour walk through the beautiful (but wet) Camp Creek Valley over the ground contested in a violent Union assault at Resaca on May 14, 1864.
Friends of Resaca member Bill Stark from Ohio realized a long-time ambition when he got to visit the 103rd Ohio marker at Resaca as part of the tour. Mr. Stark is a descendant of two members of the regiment that fought at Resaca.
Close-up of the 103rd Ohio Marker.
Ed Bearss with members of the Friends of Resaca at the entrance to the Fort Wayne Historic site. Participants in the tour were the first group ever to visit this property preserved by the FORB in co-operation with the Gordon County Board of Commissioners. Left to Right are: Tony Dooley, Jule Medders, Glenda Allen, John Guider, Ken Padgett, Doug Marvel, Ed Bearss, and Keith Beason.