Portions of Resaca Battlefield Threatened by possible
TVA development.

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Email TVA at newtransline@tva.com. Or contact Steve Pitt with the TVA at 1-800-362-4355.

The Friends of Resaca has recently learned that the historic grounds of the Resaca Battlefield are under attack once more.

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is considering plans that could destroy a path through the entire length of the Confederate lines. TVA has plans to build new transmission lines with huge dual towers through the endangered battlefield. The route will run roughly just east and parallel to US Hwy. 41 near the historic Western & Atlantic Railroad line (present day CSX).

On October 7, 2004, TVA held what was advertised as an "Open House" to get public comment on the project route. At the "Open House" TVA representatives were informed of both preservation and historic concerns by the Friends of the Resaca Battlefield. TVA officials expressed no concern during this meeting about these issues even after key historic sites were pointed out that were in the areas of possible destruction.

TVA provided a handout and map detailing the project and proposed routes. The map showed a confusing array of red lines indicating possible project routes. Many of these routes stabbed through the heart of the endangered core section of Resaca's historic community. Important key reference points were left off the TVA map as well as the map legend. Cemeteries were left out, county roads, city streets, and the railroad. The City of Calhoun was misspelled as "Cahoun."

This was a crude reference map and would be most confusing to the average citizen not knowing the lay of the land in great detail.

Unfortunately, the October 7 "Open House" was the first and only meeting for public comments. Please contact TVA now and express your concern! Phase One of obtaining right of way is scheduled for completion by June 2006.

TVA has the Right of Eminent Domain which gives them the power to condemn any properties of owners that will not settle with them or that stands in the way of their projects. What could be destroyed or affected in the path by TVA? At the Gordon/Whitfield County line some of the heaviest fighting occurred on the Chitwood and Nance Farms between Generals Hooker (US) and Schofield (US) against General Hood (CS).

This project could also affect the annual reenactment of the Battle of Resaca costing the area much needed tourism dollars. After the project slashes southward, it cuts through Hardee's (CS) lines. The next large target is the lines of Polk's (CS) position that contains the Fort Wayne Civil War Historic Site before it crosses over the Oostanaula River in downtown Resaca. This 63-acre site was purchased by Gordon County in 2003 using State of Georgia Green Space funds and a private grant. The location was the point that fired the first shots of the Battle of Resaca and contains the only known earthworks built by the Georgia Militia in 1863.

In the history of the Resaca area only I-75 has caused as much damage at any one time.

The Friends of the Resaca Battlefield, Inc. is not against responsible well-planned progress, but we will not give up our historic resources without a fight when other less damaging routes for this project are available. There is an existing transmission line route well east of the historic area for TVA to use and by-pass the historic section of properties.

Thousands of visitors stop in and around the Reasca area each year to see the historic area, read the historic markers, visit the Confederate Cemetery, attend the annual reenactment, and spend their tourism dollars.

We truly believe that the if TVA does not locate this project as far east as possible it will have a very negative impact on both the historic resources and tourism of the area.

Please do not delay. Contact TVA now! Let them know that you do not want them to destroy the battlefield area. Urge them to use existing transmission line routes or take the most eastern track possible.

You may visit TVA website here for more information about their proposed project. Call Steve Pitt at 1-800-362-4355 or send an email to newtransline@tva.com.

Thank You In Advance, The Friends of the Resaca Battlefield, Inc.

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