Van Den Corput's Battery - Site of heavy fighting on May 15, 1864
(Very large panoramic images. Please be patient while they load.)

FACING EAST: Van Den Corput's four Napoleon artillery pieces were positioned here facing to the left (north). They were fortified earthen emplacments which are outlined in the comparative photo below.

FACING EAST: Same photo as above annotated to indicate the four earthen pits remaining today of the original fortified works. Each gun position is about three feet deep in front and tapers off level to the ground in the rear.

(Very Large.)

FACING NORTH: This area was fought over in very heavy fighting throughout the afternoon and evening of May 15, 1864. The position fell after several Federal attempts. Confederates counterattacks failed to dislodge the Union troops after dark. Northern forces removed the guns under heavy fire by the Southern lines under cover of darkness. These were the only artillery pieces captured by either side throughout the Atlanta Campaign until Atlanta itself fell in September 1864.
FACING NORTH: Same photo with gun pits outlined for better definition.