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Historic Site at Resaca, GA.

This page is devoted to the history of the FORB's campaign to secure a public battlefield park at Resaca. Feel free to visit our site regarding the initial fight to protect the Park's land from private development here.

Resaca Battlefield Historic Site

Historic Site opens exactly 152 years after the start of the
Battle of Resaca

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May 13, 2016-

The Battle of Resaca began in earnest on Friday, May 13, 1864. On Friday May 13, 2016 the historic park finally officially opened to the public. It took the Friends of Resaca and many other agencies and individuals 20 years to make this happen. It was truly a great day for our Friends group and for anyone interested in history and the beauty of nature. Here are some photos capturing the day...

It was a near perfect spring afternoon at the site's pavilion where a large crowd gathered from all over the country. People as far away as Chicago, IL came for the ceremony.

FORB President Ken Padgett makes a few remarks to the crowd during the ceremony.

An honor guard of reenactors in both blue and gray assisted with the dedication of this site to history and to future generations.

Cannon fire was an impressive salute.

Glenda and Kent Allen worked the FORB tent where information and membership applications were given out. Doug Marvel (seated in back) assisted as well.

FORB founding member Jule Medders regaled the gathering with a touching rendition of his original song "The Battle of Resaca".

President Ken Padgett cuts the ribbon along with FORB founding member Jule Medders (fourth from left) and other dignitaries who helped make this moment possible.

Friends of Resaca board members pose at the big moment. It is an understatement to say "what a long strange trip it's been." We have worked 20 years for this and now the historic site in yours! Jule Medders and Ken Padgett are on the stage. Left to right in front are: Doug Marvel, Jerry Holmes, Kent Allen, Glenda Allen, John Guider, Keith Beason, Tony Patton, and Jeff Henderson.

February 6, 2016 -

Members of the Gordon County Board of Commissioners, the Friends of Resaca Battlefield executive committee members, along with other key local historic and political officialsaccepted the operational responsibility for the Resaca Battlefield Historic Site at a work session last week. Plans will begin immediately to prepare the Park for the Grand Opening in mid-May. The Park will initially be staffed on a part-time basis. Generally, open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

It is now official. As of 02/01/16 the Gordon County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously by resolution to accept the Resaca Battlefield Historic Site from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

This complicated and exhausting twenty-year effort by the nationally known Friends of Resaca Battlefield, Inc. has finally paid off. To date, the Friends of Resaca Battlefield has been the driving force to protect and preserve approximately 1,100 acres on four different points of the famous 1864 Gordon County, Georgia battlefield. This was accomplished through land purchase and conservation easements, resulting in two major Civil War historic parks.

With the addition of the Resaca Battlefield Historic Site to a long list of key areas including, Fort Wayne Historic Site, the Resaca Confederate Cemetery, the WPA Roadside Park, the conservation easement property, and the State's oldest annual Civil War Reenactment held the third weekend in May, we are looking for Gordon County to become a national tourist destination.

These protected historic areas are the result of many agencies working together, Friends of Resaca Battlefield, Gordon County Board of Commissioners, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Civil War Trust, Trust for Public Land, Georgia Battlefield Association, Gordon County Historic Preservation Commission, Gordon County Parks and Recreation, and others.

Friends of Resaca Battlefield President, Ken Padgett stated "I can't say enough about our working relationships and appreciation to these organizations and our national membership that teamed together to complete these projects for the public and future generations to enjoy. Looking forward, we still have a lot to accomplish."

The Grand Opening dedication will be held on May 13, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. at the Resaca Battlefield Historic Site. More details of the Grand Opening should be forthcoming but please make your plans now to attend. This is not another "false alarm" nor is it subject to delay. The battlefield we have fought to interpret and preserve for so long and hard will be yours on May 13!

April 6, 2015-

Resaca Battlefield Historic Site will Open Soon!

After many years of overcoming challenges, the Friends of Resaca Battlefield, Inc. is excited to announce that the new "Resaca Battlefield Historic Site" will be opening soon (date to be announced). Finally most of the major road blocks have been agreed upon by Gordon County and the State of Georgia, Department of Natural Resources.

At present final work is being completed at the entrance. Work on park signage, re-located gate, & lighted flag pole is under way. Interior improvements are being made in the way-side pocket parks, and trail marker indication location are being installed. A final punch list meeting between Gordon County, DNR, & Friends of Resaca Battlefield should occur very near future. All the parties involved with the park opening are working very hard together in a accelerated manner to ensure that the site is completed correctly to honor the brave soldiers that fought and died at the 1864 Battle of Resaca.

While the park will be open soon, the Friends of Resaca Battlefield, Inc. work will not be done. We still need public support by means of Membership dues and donations to expand historical interpretive markers as well as several other projects to be announced soon. The Friends of Resaca Battlefield, Inc. has played the leading role in preserving the Resaca Battlefield Historic Site, Fort Wayne Civil War Historic Site, & the historic Chitwood Farm representing approximately 1,100 acres of the 1864 battlefield. Not a bad effort from a small group of volunteers! The Friends of Resaca Battlefield, Inc. is a non-profit (501-C-3) organization. We would like to thank all of our great supporters over the years and look forward to making new friends!

Submitted by Ken Padgett, President

Some photos from recent work on the Historic Site...

A winding road takes the visitor into the Site, allowing each guest to enjoy the scenic natural beauty and historic significance of the space.

The Camp Creek valley is one of the best kept secrets in northwest Georgia. Soon everyone will be able to enjoy this wonderful landscape while pondering the significance of the fighting that took place on this hallowed ground.

Here you can see an example of the parking available at one of the way-side stations along the road. Friends of Resaca Battlefield President Ken Padgett and Executive Board members John Guider and Tony Patton recently inspected all the Park's signage and noted any corrections that might be needed.

Board Member Keith Beason walked one of the many side trails that will be available to the public in the field of the Camp Creek valley. He also checked interprative signage along the way. There are several miles of trails throughout the Historic Site, most are along the ridgelines where both sides dug entrenchments during the battle.

A pavillion is located about halfway up the valley. There are restrooms provided here as well as some picnic tables to relax and enjoy the surroundings or to discuss the battle that took place all around the pavillion. The interpretive signage is important to giving each visitor an informed overview of the battle.

Ken Padget, Tony Patton, John Guider, and Keith Beason review signage near the pavillion. You can see the ample parking provided behind them.

This is an example of the signage in the Historic Site. The signs discuss the Atlanta Campaign in general, many of the aspects of the campaign that happened near the Historic Site and, of course, the Battle of Resaca itself.

October 27, 2008 -
Ground Breaking At Last!

The official State of Georgia ceremony for breaking ground on the new Resaca Battlefield State Historic Site has finally happened. For our organization this has been a long time coming. The ceremony took place on the battlefield itself and was well-attended by many state and local dignitaries as well as dozens of other individuals with a long-standing interest in the battlefield's preservation. It is hoped that the park will open in 2010. Updates will be made available on this site.

You can read the official press release on the park from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources here.

September 24, 2002 -
State of Georgia Acquires Corridor for Battlefield Park

Progress on the 500+ acre Battlefield Park has been impeded by several things, not the least of which has been State budget woes. But, the State has now acquired an important piece of property that will enable the development of the park to move forward. After difficult negotiations, the Department of Natural Resources authorized the purchase of a less than 2 acre tract to supply a vital access corridor to the main park area from State Highway 136.

In May, 2001 tentative plans for the Resaca Battlefield Park were presented publicly for the first time by the State's Department of Natural Resources before a packed house at the Gordon County Library. Here, Lee Walton of the contracted Atlanta landscape planning firm Robert and Company presents details and listens to feedback from those in attendance. Final plans, based upon public input, are expected soon.