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Virtual Battlefield Tour

Below are thumbnails of photos depicting various locations within Resaca battlefield area. Simply click on the thumbnail to see an enlargement of the photograph.

Click for scenes from the March 20, 2004 Tour by Ed Bearss.

Camp Creek Valley - The site of heavy fighting on May 14, 1864.

Looking north through Camp Creek Valley. A view of Camp Creek itself from mid-valley. Friends of Resaca board members move uphill along the east ridge toward Confederate entrenchments.
FORB Vice-President Ken Padgett discusses an entrenched area as Secretary Tony Patton looks on. Part of the vast network of entrenchments preserved on the battlefield. The 103rd Ohio monument. The only marker placed on the battlefield by troops that actually fought here. (LARGE PHOTO.)
Looking east toward the Confederate ridge line. This ridge is completely covered with trenches. (LARGE PHOTO.)

Looking west toward the Union ridge line, likewise containing excellent entrenchments. (LARGE PHOTO.)


Other Sites

Van Den CORPUT'S BATTERY: Views facing east and north. The site of very heavy fighting on May 15, 1864. The Confederates lost four 12-pound artillery pieces at this location. (VERY LARGE PHOTOS.) HOOD'S ATTACK: Panoramic view facing north of the area where Hood's Corps swept Stanley's Division away on May 14 and where Hood undertook an abortive attack on May 15. (VERY LARGE PHOTO.) McPHERSON'S ATTACK: Panoramic view facing north and west of the area where McPherson's Corps attacked on May 13 and 15. Bald Hill can be seen on the far left. (VERY LARGE PHOTO.)
KILPATRICK'S ATTACK: Facing south along Camp Creek toward the region where Kilpatrick's Cavalry Division advanced on May 13, 1864 against heavy skirmishing. FORT WAYNE: Several images of the fortified area used by both Confederate and Federal troops at Resaca. The first artillery shots of the battle were fired from here. (SOME LARGE PHOTOS.)